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My art is The Surreal 1950s: an era of iconic red swimsuits, shell chairs, drive-ins, flying saucers and an optimism that anything can happen.

I have exhibited internationally including The Ohr-Okeefe Museum (Louisiana), L'Eclat De Verre Gallery (Washington, D.C.), Pocketfest (Mostar, Bosnia), Galerie Landrin (Nimes, France), The Parthenon (Tennessee), Flying Pig (Wisconsin), and Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum (Arizona).

I received my bachelors degree in fine art from Arizona State University. I ran the Rural Arts Project, a fine arts serigraph printshop in Pinal County. I was a member of MARS Artspace, 15 years as an exhibiting artist and five years as president and curator.

The iPad has opened up a new medium for me. I now have the freedom to paint anywhere. I've gone green!

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